Electrodynamics is a mod that brings realistic, world-based science and technology into Minecraft, along with some other additions. Electrodynamics intends to be realistic but still an enjoyable mod.
The mod serves as the core component of several other mods aiming to recreate the old Voltz-modpack, such as Nuclear Science, MFFS, ICBM, and others.

Nuclear Science intends to relieve the burden of electricity generation in Minecraft. Advanced technologies like Fission and Fusion reactors, alongside particle accelerators, are included in this mod. Rare items like antimatter and dark matter also exist, which are used to craft different explosives and theoretical power generators.

Other than providing energy, the mod introduces elements of nuclear physics into the game, making gameplay more scientific and realistic. The different machines try to follow real physics and chemistry to enhance this experience.

Ballistix is a Minecraft Mod that introduces intercontinental ballistic missiles, various explosives, sentries, and weapons to Minecraft.

Assembly Lines intends to increase the efficiency of factories or production lines. It makes the game more realistic by providing useful machines that facilitate the transfer and storage of items. It is based upon the old Voltz mod and therefore follows the same base systems.

Blastcraft intends to protect against the destructive forces in the ICBM mod. Each block available in Blastcraft can withstand a direct hit from a Missile. It is useful in the field of construction of missile-proof buildings, i.e. bunkers and military bases. Not only does it protect you against your enemies, but it also protects your home against the likes of test explosions or nuclear reactors.

Are you tired of having to break down an entire tree manually? This plugin is designed to help you with this. With it, you can harvest an entire tree by just breaking its bottom part!

Extended Tools is an addon for Electrodynamics that adds tools for each type of ingot in the mod as well as some vanilla ones.